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Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. At the beginning of the play, the source of the plebeians' discontent is the scant supply of:

2. Addressing the mob of plebeians, Menenius compares the patrician class to which part of the body?

3. Caius Martius reports the Senate's decision to allow the plebeians the right of representation. Who will serve as their representatives?

4. For the war against the Volsces, whom does the Senate appoint as generals?

5. Who is the great general of the Volsces?

6. What is the name of Caius Martius' mother?

7. During the war, what city do the Romans capture?

8. What do Aufidius and Caius Martius do when they meet on the field of battle?

9. In honor of his battlefield exploits, Caius Martius is given what name?

10. When Coriolanus returns to Rome, it is widely assumed that he will be elected to which post?

11. What must Coriolanus do in order to secure his office?

12. Who are Coriolanus' adversaries in his quest to secure his political post?

13. After his outburst against the plebeians and the tribunes, who convinces Coriolanus to make amends?

14. What happens to Coriolanus when, failing to control his temper, he continues to attack the plebeians verbally?

15. After he leaves Rome, where does Coriolanus go?

16. Once Coriolanus is gone, what takes place in Rome?

17. In an effort to gain revenge, Coriolanus allies himself with whom?

18. When news comes that Coriolanus is marching on Rome, how do the plebeians react?

19. When Cominius goes to plead with Coriolanus for mercy, how does his former friend respond?

20. When Menenius pleads with Coriolanus, how does he fare?

21. Who are the last people to plead with Coriolanus?

22. When his mother begs him to make peace, what does Coriolanus do?

23. When Coriolanus returns to Antium, how is he greeted?

24. When Coriolanus agrees to spare Rome, how do the Romans respond to the news?

25. What event marks the end of the play?

A 21st Century Political Tragedy Set in Rome

by ReadingShakespeareby450th, September 04, 2013

In reading all Shakespeare by 4/14, I just finished my blog on this surprising favorite. In case you're interested in seeing my take:


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