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The ApologyPlato

The Archaeology of KnowledgeMichel Foucault


Bertrand Russell

Beyond Good and EvilFriedrich Nietzsche

The Birth of TragedyFriedrich Nietzsche

Blue and Brown BooksLudwig Wittgenstein


Civil DisobedienceHenry David Thoreau

The Communist ManifestoKarl Marx and Friedrich Engels

ConfessionsSt. Augustine

Critique of Practical ReasonImmanuel Kant


Das KapitalKarl Marx

David Hume

Dialogues Concerning Natural ReligionDavid Hume

Discipline and PunishMichel Foucault

Discourse on InequalityJean-Jacques Rousseau

Discourse on MethodRene Descartes

An Enquiry Concerning Human UnderstandingDavid Hume

Essay Concerning Human UnderstandingJohn Locke


Fear and TremblingSøren Kierkegaard

Friedrich Nietzsche

Genealogy of MoralsFriedrich Nietzsche

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel


Grounding for the Metaphysics of MoralsImmanuel Kant

The History of Sexuality: An Introduction, Volume 1Michel Foucault

I and ThouMartin Buber

Immanuel Kant

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Paul Sartre

John Locke

John Stuart Mill

The Kabbalah

Karl Marx


LeviathanThomas Hobbes

Locke's Second Treatise on Civil GovernmentJohn Locke

Ludwig Wittgenstein


Madness and CivilizationMichel Foucault

Meditations on First PhilosophyRene Descartes


The Myth of SisyphusAlbert Camus

The New OrganonFrancis Bacon

Nicomachean EthicsAristotle

On LibertyJohn Stuart Mill


Philosophical InvestigationsLudwig Wittgenstein

Philosophy of HistoryGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel





The PrinceNiccolò Machiavelli

Principles of PhilosophyRene Descartes

Problems of PhilosophyBertrand Russell

Prolegomena to Any Future MetaphysicsImmanuel Kant


The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of CapitalismMax Weber

Religion within the Boundaries of Mere ReasonImmanuel Kant

René Descartes

The RepublicPlato

Saint Augustine

Sickness Unto DeathSøren Kierkegaard

The Social ContractJean-Jacques Rousseau

Some Thoughts Concerning EducationJohn Locke

Søren Kierkegaard

Structural Transformation of the Public SphereJurgen Habermas

The SymposiumPlato

Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Hobbes

Thomas More

Three Dialogues between Hylas and PhilonousGeorge Berkeley

Thus Spoke ZarathustraFriedrich Nietzsche

Tractatus Logico-philosophicusLudwig Wittgenstein

UtilitarianismJohn Stuart Mill

UtopiaThomas More

WaldenHenry David Thoreau

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